‘Bartkowiak’ Review- Melodrama With Fight Gloves

Daniel Markowicz directs ‘Bartkowiak,’ a Polish action film written by Daniel Bernardi and Monika Slawecka. It was made by the production company Lightcraft.

Tomasz Bartkowiak (Józef Pawlowski) is a disgraced MMA fighter who is struggling with guilt after the death of another fighter in the ring. He works part-time as a bouncer and his brother Wiktor (Antoni Pawlicki) is trying to get him to join his club. When his brother dies in a car accident, he inherits the club and reunites with his former girlfriend Zofia (Dominika Sozoniuk) and her father Pawel (Szymon Bobrowski), who use to train Tomasz. At first, Tomasz plans to sell his club but soon realizes that greedy investors are buying up all of the property around it and his brother’s death may not have been an accident.

There is not much to say about this movie other than it is just kind of average. There is nothing that is out of sorts or terribly awful, but it also does not stand out. It seems to want to make some statement about how greedy businesses and politicians are to force out mom and pop shops out, but it sort of dropped the ball.

They also slowed down the action way too much with a bunch of melodrama between Tomasz, his family, and his colleagues. If the movie had focused more on the “revenge thriller” aspect of the story, I think it would not have felt so slow.

As for the actors, everyone did fine with their roles. I do feel that Zofia’s character went from a corporate shill to a woman standing up for what is right fast. That was not the actress’ fault, though and she handled it with ease. I also appreciated that she did not suddenly become a superwoman able to kick everyone’s butt in a moment’s notice. They showed that she was strong without being exactly like the men in the film and that sadly is coming rarer.

Bottom line, Bartkowiak is an average action film that is not horrible, but it is also nothing amazing either.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Foul language, Brief sexual content

FAVORITE QUOTE: Just remember, this is your home.

Check out the trailer below:

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