‘Cosmic Sin’ Review- They Called This A Film

Edward Drake directed and co-wrote ‘Cosmic Sin,’ a science fiction thriller distributed by Saban Films. It was produced by Corey Large.

In the year 2524, the Earth united as the Alliance and has expanded its operations into deep space planet 4217LYA. The Vander Mining Corp has a station there that reports first contact with an alien lifeform. Back on Earth, General Eron Ryle (Frank Grillo) is made known of the situation. He orders Dr. Lea Goss (Perrey Reeves) to gather more information and also tells his men to track down disgraced General James Ford (Bruce Willis). Ford was relieved of command years ago during a war when he dropped a “Q Bomb” on the enemy, ending the war but causing civilian casualties. Ford demands reinstatement of his rank and pension for helping. After some of the miners come through a wormhole, they attack the soldiers, who kill the intruders. It soon realized the miners were suffering from an infection. Traveling to 4217LYA with Eron’s son Braxton (Brandon Thomas Lee), Ford’s sidekick Dash (Corey Large), engineer Corporal Fiona Ardene (Adelaide Kane), and soldier Sol Cantos (C.J. Perry), they find the planet under siege by the aliens. Armed with a “Q Bomb,” Ford debates whether repeating history is worth stopping a war.

They said this was a movie and I was willing to believe them. Unfortunately, I would not say that is the correct definition, but since I cannot think of another one, we will go with “movie” or “film.”

The story is so convoluted and confusing I do not where to begin. The only interesting aspect was Bruce Willis’ character and his career conflicts with the rest of the crew. The characters are all aghast that he would be picked to be a part of the team, but they almost seem to forget. Granted, they are being attacked by aliens, but it is not an organic drop of a story-arc, it just sort of disappears.

As for the acting, you can tell the actors were just phoning it in for the paycheck. Grillo and Willis seemed to just yawn through their roles. Kane seemed to be the only one interested in her role and it shows because she does her best with her lines, but they fail her. Do not get me started on the action. It is barely worth mentioning.

Bottom line, Cosmic Sin is a waste of time. Do not bother to even watch it on streaming.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong violence, Some foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: Whatever Happens… We’ll Be On The Wrong Side Of History.

Check out the trailer below:

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