‘Howard’s Mill’ Movie Review

Directed by Shannon Houchins and Kaiser Whitmire, ‘Howard’s Mill‘ presents itself as a documentary film from Hideout Pictures and Strike Back Studios.

Howard’s Mill is located near Springfield, Tennessee. A pair of documentary filmmakers head there to meet Dwight Nixon, whose wife went missing on the property. At first, the police suspect him, but he insists that Emily vanished in Howard’s Mill. As they investigate, they find a continual pattern of folks mysteriously disappearing and some reappearing on the property. As they look into the Howard family, the filmmakers soon unravel a strange conspiracy involving farm’s creepy neighbor Wayne Richie, who keeps watching the property, despite it being abandoned. Could he involved in Emily’s disappearance or is their something more sinister keeping watch on the property.

As I stated from the start, the movie presents itself as a documentary and I even found it in the documentary section of the streaming service I watched it on. I was fully invested in the tale of a haunted property where mysterious things happen and disappearances occur. As it goes, however, this is a complete mockumentary that works its hardest to trick you.

Kudos to the filmmakers, I actually found several reviewers who were fooled by their tale. They were insisting the story was real, but I managed to confirm its fakery. Honestly, I was completely fooled until about halfway through the feature when they had an obvious Slender Man knock-off appear in some of the “found footage” gathered by the residents of Springfield. That was when I had my first bit of doubt. Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed by the end of the faux-documentary.

At times, I do feel like the disappearance of Emily Nixon, what kicks off the story, is forgotten. It seemed like the filmmakers realized this and would fit in random reminders before tying it to the climax.

As far as being a movie, it is not bad. There is nothing groundbreaking in the acting, the found-footage horror genre, or in the many twists that it takes to tell the story of its haunted playground. That being said, it definitely had me interested in the mysterious tale of the mill and the residents who had gone missing from the land.

Bottom line, Howard’s Mill is a convincing mockumentary that is interesting and entertaining. You follow along as the filmmakers explore the horror, the thrills, the suspense, and the bizarre occurrences of its plot. Maybe like me, you will be fooled.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor violence, Some foul language, Disturbing images

Check out the trailer below:

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