‘Good On Paper’ Review- Dull. Dimwitted. Disaster.

Good On Paper‘ is a Netflix film directed by Kimmy Gatewood in her directorial film debut. It is an alleged comedy and made by Universal Pictures.

Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger) is a 34-year-old stand-up comedian who is trying to break into television. After losing a part to her rival Serrena Halstead (Rebecca Rittenhouse), she gets angry at the airport where she bumps into Dennis Kelley (Ryan Hansen). On the plane ride, he tells her he is a Yale graduate, golfer, and hedge fund manager. Despite warnings from his best friend and bar owners Margot (Margaret Cho), she decides to date him. As the relationship deepens, Andrea starts to notice holes in Dennis’ story including his elusiveness on his living situation, the state of his finances, and even the tales about his parents. Despite this, Andrea continues to date Dennis as more and more odd inconsistencies start to appear.

Billed as a comedy, it falls completely short. Cringeworthy. Yawn inducing. Eye-rolling. Preachy. Those are a few of the words to describe it. Funny, humorous, and clever in no way, shape, or form describes the movie. I found myself more interested in the gnat that somehow got in through the window than any portion of the plot. It is so bad, it has won the coveted title of being the first film on the “worst of the year” list.

It is a shame too because it is a missed opportunity. The film wants you to think it has something smart to say about men and women lying in their romantic relationships. Instead, it diverts into the tired “men bad, women good” woke trope that is poisoning the well of comedy in recent days. Had the writer or director decided to go a route that stood out, I think it could have been salvaged. Unfortunately, the filmmakers were too eager for social media shout-outs than wanting to entertain the audience.

As for the actors, bland performances that lacked any charm or charisma. Andrea and Margot come off as rude and obnoxious scolds. Dennis is the typical white guy jerk. As for Serrena, they could not decide what to do with her. Is she a bubble-headed actress or a misunderstood heroine that the protagonist focuses on? The movie could not decide. Another note on Andrea, the movie would cut to her doing stand-up and whoever wrote those jokes should be fired. Unfortunately, the star is credited as the writer. The punchlines were more dull and boring than you could believe.

Bottom line, Good On Paper is a dimwitted disaster of a film that lacks any comedic charm or charisma. If it comes up in your Netflix feed, click off and watch paint dry. You will have a better time.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Sexual content

FAVORITE QUOTE: That compliment started great and then it just… boom!

Check out the trailer below:

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