The Left Is Coming For Tolkien With Jenna Ellis

Gwydion M Williams/Flickr

My friend Jenna Ellis invited me on her show Just The Truth on America’s Voice News to talk about the Far Left is trying to transpose their agenda onto ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by JRR Tolkien. Where will they strike next?

Check out the interview below:

I discuss this a bit more in my article The Real Reason SJWs Have To Ruin Your Childhood,

“JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings is also being targeted. Amazon Studios has made it no secret that their adaption, which is said to be taking place in the Second Age prior to the events of the trilogy, will be woke. The Tolkien Society and other fansites are happy to embrace this for fist bumps on social media and clout with Amazon, while true fans are appalled.

Tolkien’s trilogy was about crafting a myth for his home country of England. Faith, hope, duty, love, individualism, and friendship are all themes touched on in his writings. Amazon will trade those for gender politics, sexual perversion, and racial issues in the name of the woke agenda. Forget Tolkien’s legacy. Let the woke writers at Amazon Studios take over from here. He is a toxic white male who made Orcs evil and he should be canceled in their eyes.”

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