Lindsey Stirling: “Masquerade” Music Review

Lindsey Stirling drops a new music video for her song “Masquerade.” The musician also co-directs it with Stephen Wayne Mallett and performs with dancers Addie Byers, Kailyn Rogers, Taylor Gagliano, and Jessica Richens. The song was originally part of her album “Artemis.”

Lindsey Stirling once again shines with her skills with the violin and her ability to dance. She is an incredible talent and one of my favorite musicians creating new music these days. I truly had a great time listening to it and found it to be a joy. I particularly enjoyed the composition and how it is put together. It is both written and performed well.

The music video has that Stirling whimsy that makes it fun. Opening similar to a silent film, it shows Stirling calling her fellow dancers to the stage to practice. From there, we see some incredible choreography, acrobatics, and some very cool scenery. The video was shot by Green Glow Films and it was choreographed by Jillian Meyers, who did an excellent job. I also found the back drop of the Orpheum Theatre to be perfect for the theme of the song. Stirling and her talented team move in perfect sync with the music and it truly shows how talented they are at what they do.

Check out the song below:

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