‘Transformers: Escape’ Issue 3 Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing released ‘TransformersEscape‘ issue three, their prequel series describing the days leading to the Autobots’ escape on the Ark. As I noted, taking place just prior to the Great War, the story highlights the tension happening between the Autobots and Decepticon, but also among the factions themselves.

The Insecticons continue to shore power within the Decepticon ranks, wanting to use their abilities to create a clone army. Shockwave is trying to stall them, wanting to make a play for leadership. Wheeljack and Straxus continue to evacuate organic aliens living on Cybertron while trying to convince Dai Atlas to join the war. He is hesitant, as he now finds battling fellow Transformers repugnant.

There is so much dialogue in this comic book. Brian Ruckley is a talented writer, but this is the Transformers. I want to see the Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. I do not care that Dai Atlas is now some Zen master, but there is five pages dedicated to this one aspect of the story. Only the first three pages had any action. The rest is just a bunch of political maneuvering. Let’s get past this.

As for the artwork, I’ll say again that Beth McGuire-Smith is incredible. She has a knack for drawing the Transformers and all of her illustrations are spot on with their designs.

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