The Real Reason SJWs Have To Ruin Your Childhood

It has almost become a meme. SJWs working in the entertainment industry have gotten their greedy fingers into several film, television, novel, and comic book intellectual properties (IPs), lathering them in cringe-worthy “wokeness” to fit an agenda.

Obviously, political messaging, from both sides of the aisle, has been inserted in IPs before. David Mamet’s The Edge certainly carries what some could consider Conservative themes while Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear certainly has Liberal themes. Between the two, they have received praise from audiences and critics alike. So what is the big deal? If it existed before why shouldn’t woke politics be added?

The reason is simple. Woke talking points are not simply messaging in a story, it is the drowning of the story in politics and usually from one far side of the aisle.

woke agenda

Most think that being “woke” is being alert to societal issues, but it is, in fact, a cult mentality that demands nothing short of adherence to radical collectivism with ever-changing standards based on subjectivity instead of reality. Men, particularly white straight men, are bad. All forms of law enforcement are evil. Truth is replaced with “your truth.” Sex is a spectrum. Mess up once or disagree with any of this and you get canceled. They will hound you on social media, get you fired, and force you to beg for their mercy. Unfortunately, they have none.

She-Ra, Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even Perry Mason are just a handful of IPs that have been infected by the SJW woke mentality. They gaslight you into thinking the thing you love was actually bad, so let them take it over so they can make it good woke. Instead of a focus on good characters and plot development, overt political messaging bogs down the progression of the tale.

You might be wondering why they are targeting your favorite IPs. Why not create their own content to share with the world? Why ruin MY childhood? The answer to this is quite simple. Every time they try, with some exceptions, they get massively mocked or humiliated.

Consider when Netflix dropped the trailer for the gay-themed spy show Q-Force. The teaser was relentlessly mocked for how it pandered to the gay community and its obvious use of stereotypes.

Same with Cuties, the grooming film that Netflix nabbed from Europe. The movie shows pre-teen girls twerking, gyrating, and in sexual positions. Despite the backlash, Hollywood went on full blast defending the film, but audiences rejected it en masse, leading to Netflix losing subscriptions.

That is why they have to leech off other IPs, but wokeness prevents inspiration and originality. These two values are given through individualism and teamwork, not through collective adherence to an ever-changing ideology.

The two most recent examples of the woke mob stealing an IP come in the form of He-Man and Middle Earth.

At first, fans seemed excited that film director Kevin Smith was going to be producing a He-Man sequel The Masters of the Universe: Revelations with Netflix. Plot details leaked revealing that He-Man would be brushed aside for the female character Teela. When the YouTube channel Clownfish TV reported on this, Smith took a break from crying about The Last Jedi to lash out, denying that was the case.

However, when Netflix released plot details and images, it became clear that Smith was lying. Sure enough, the second trailer confirmed fan’s fears, showing He-Man being sidelined with Teela sporting a feminist half-shaved head and bizarre leather wear instead of her golden armor. Smith continues his denials, but as more info is released, it became clear that he has caved to the woke mentality.

According to the woke agenda, He-Man has to be sidelined in favor of a woman because it is the 21 first century. Never mind the years of lore established by the Masters of the Universe TV show that Kevin Smith claims to be following up. There is an agenda afoot. This no surprise to me. Kevin Smith is a grifter who has successfully convince nerds and geeks he is one of them, but then he writes a terrible Batman comic that is so awful, DC Comics passes on him finishing it. He also claimed to be a fan of He-Man, despite a recently leaked video where he is slamming the franchise. He has yet to apologize to Clownfish TV.

JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings is also being targeted. Amazon Studios has made it no secret that their adaption, which is said to be taking place in the Second Age prior to the events of the trilogy, will be woke. The Tolkien Society and other fansites are happy to embrace this for fist bumps on social media and clout with Amazon, while true fans are appalled.

Tolkien’s trilogy was about crafting a myth for his home country of England. Faith, hope, duty, love, individualism, and friendship are all themes touched on in his writings. Amazon will trade those for gender politics, sexual perversion, and racial issues in the name of the woke agenda. Forget Tolkien’s legacy. Let the woke writers at Amazon Studios take over from here. He is a toxic white male who made Orcs evil and he should be canceled in their eyes.

Even as viewers, fans, and audiences reject woke pandering, studios continue to double down on this content. It is not enough to simply “vote with our wallets.” Sure, depriving them of your money does work, but it must go beyond that. Comic book fans are now turning to manga and crowdfunded publications to get content free of the woke agenda. Fans of animation are turning to anime and other alternatives to escape the mainstream studios. Readers are turning to indie writers. Film buffs are simply not going to the cinema. This is good. Show them they are not the only game in town.

Lastly, the SJWs need to be mocked. No one individually obviously, but the whole mentality and woke agenda should be dismissed as nothing more than attempts at fist bumps from a small crowd. Whole entertainment companies are basing their decisions on a handful of the population that exists on social media instead of trying to reach out to general audiences. It might sound harsh, but being “woke” is mockable and should be subject to mocking. Again, not a person, but the ideals.

As I said earlier, the woke SJWs need to leech on fan-favorite IPs because they do not have the inspiration to make something original. In response, mock them, give money to alternatives, and show the entertainment industry that this is no longer viable. Let the meme “go woke, go broke” ring true for them.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Tell me if there is a comic book, movie, or novel you would like me to review. While you are at it, check out my interview with Teresa Yanaros on Hollywood’s fear of Femininity. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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