Jason Crabb: “Before” Music Review

Christian music singer and musician Jason Crabb delivers “Before” a song that he co-wrote with Tony Wood and Jay DeMarcus from his EP album Just As I Am.

“I have loved hearing what this song has meant to you in your own lives,” he said on social media about “Breath.” “When life gets hard, sometimes we forget to praise Him in the middle of the storm. We only praise Him once the storm has passed. At times we forget that He is with us every step of the way, guiding us through it all.”

On the whole album, Crabb told The Christian Post, “Whenever I begin to work on a new project, I ask God for His direction and wisdom.” He continued, “I remembered something my Grandmother Richardson instilled in me: No matter what happens, you can trust God. He’s got it under control. She used to tell me, ‘When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on to God.’ So holding on to God, the project of making Just As I Am began.”

“Before” is about worshiping God knowing that things are may or may not turn out for the best. Crabb delivers this message with his soulful voice and a lot of heart. Gospel music is very impressive and one that Crabb does with excellence. I truly found the lyrics heartwarming with some strong sincerity to show how trust in God is the way to go. It is enduring and a joy to put on your songlist.

Check out the lyric video below:

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19 thoughts on “Jason Crabb: “Before” Music Review

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