Ten True Crime Series On Tubi You Should Be Watching

Are you a true crime junkie like me? As a writer, hearing stories of how people committed crimes, their motivations, and how law enforcement caught or stopped is always interesting to me. Here Are Ten True Crime Series On Tubi You Should Be Watching:

Forensic Files

From Sunrise, this series takes you behind the science that helps law enforcement and prosecutors use to stop killers, thieves, kidnappers, and con-artists from continuing their sprees.

Unsolved Mysteries

The seasons with Robert Stack are arguably one of the best of the show. With his imposing voice, Stack helps crime-stoppers capture the criminals.

Bizarre Murders

From the odd and the downright strange ways crimes are committed, the police and the FBI follow paper trails from murderers to con-artists.

World’s Most Evil Killers

In the United Kingdom and the United States, murders can abound. Across two continents, some of the most heinous crimes are spotlighted.

America’s Dumbest Criminals

There are masterminds, but then there are downright losers who commit crimes in such a stupid manner, they are busted almost instantly.

Steven Seagal: Lawman

The action film star briefly doubled as a sheriff’s deputy where he helps solve crime in Louisiana.

Bordertown: Laredo

The thin blue line protects the citizens of Laredo, Texas.

Murderers and their Mothers

How does the maternal shape their killer children? This show explores the complicated relationship between mothers and their criminal kids.

World’s Greatest Gambling Scams

Sometimes theft is not a bank robbery, but a roll of the dice.

Stalkers Who Kill

Obsessions can turn into something worse as unsuspecting citizens are being targeted by some deadly stalkers.

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