‘Batman: The Long Halloween Part One’ Movie Review

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One‘ is a DC Comics animated film based on the graphic novel of the same. It is directed by Chris Palmer and set in the “Rebirth” of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

A mysterious figure known as Holiday begins killing Gotham City criminals starting on Halloween. All of them are connected to gangster Carmine Falcone (Titus Welliver). This prompts Batman (Jensen Ackles), Captain Gordon (Billy Burke), and DA Harvey Dent (Josh Duhamel) to work together to solve the mystery. This puts a strain on Dent’s marriage to Gilda (Julie Nathanson) as well as Gordon’s marriage to Barbara (Amy Landecker). However, Calendar Man (David Dastmalchian) hints that someone close to Falcone, possibly his son Alberto (Jack Quaid) is involved or maybe even Dent. However, the Joker (Troy Baker) escapes from Arkham Asylum, throwing the whole investigation into chaos, while Catwoman (Naya Rivera) waits in the wings.

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween is my all-time favorite Batman story. Christopher Nolan famously used for inspiration when crafting The Dark Knight, so I was cautiously optimistic when DC Entertainment announced that there would be an animated adaption. The question is, does it live up to the expectations?

The movie does take some cinematic liberties, to extend the run time. Some were better than others. The only thing I sort of thought was dumb was for muh diversity, they also swapped out the Irish gang for a Chinese one. It was annoying as I would have liked to have seen Batman deal with the Irish, but it was what it was.

As for its cliffhanger ending, I did not see it coming and it was a surprise, but I will say, I think it was good. They did a good job of adapting it and expanding on it to provide a more Dent-focused story. I was impressed with it and while it is clear Part 2 will veer a bit from the original climax, I think it is impressive. A specific villain finds out Bruce Wayne is Batman and I thought it was kind of lame. It was not enough to derail the film, however, especially when the Joker gets involved.

I will admit, I was hoping Kevin Conroy would return as Bruce Wayne. It would have been nice to have the best Batman return to voice the character in my favorite comic book. That being said, Jensen Ackles was actually pretty good. He definitely took the role seriously and did the Caped Crusader well.

The rest of the cast was impressive as well. Dastmalchian, Rivera, Baker, Quaid, Burke, and Alastair Duncan returning to voice Alfred Pennyworth was all well done.

As for the animation, it is competent. It mirrors Superman: Man of Tomorrow in style and while I am not totally sold on it, I still think that it is cool. I understand why they could not imitate Tim Sale’s impressive, but unique art style, but they paid homage to it during the opening credits which I thought was appropriate.

Bottom line, Batman: The Long Halloween Part One is an excellent adaption of the comic book. I cannot wait for part 2 and to see how they bring it to life.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong animated violence, Some foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: There’s only room for ONE homicidal maniac in this town!

Check out the trailer below:

Finally, I would just like to shout out Naya Rivera. She was a good pick for Catwoman and her death was tragedy. It is a shame that she passed away and it was fitting the movie was dedicated to her memory.

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