‘Justice Society: World War II’ Review- Here Comes The DC Multiverse

Justice Society: World War II‘ is a DC Universe Animated Original Movie directed by Jeff Wamester and is part of the new “Rebirth” DC Comics film franchise.

While visiting Metropolis with his wife Iris (Ashleigh LaThrop), The Flash (Matt Bomer) steps in to help Superman (Darren Criss) fight Brainiac (Darin De Paul). Trying to stop a Kryptonite projectile, The Flash enters the Speed Force after being summoned by Dr. Fate (Keith Ferguson). He finds himself in another universe where the Justice Society: Wonder Woman (Stana Katic), Hourman (Matthew Mercer), Black Canary (Elysia Rotaru), Steve Trevor (Chris Diamantopoulos), and Jay Garrick (Armen Taylor) as another Flash are fighting the Nazis. They stumble upon a conspiracy involving Aquaman (Liam McIntyre) and a planned invasion of the United States.

I honestly do not know why they did not make this the new history for this “Rebirth.” There was a brief time when Wonder Woman served in the war alongside Batman and Superman. I think making the bulk of the story take place in an alternate universe was a missed opportunity. Instead, they wasted it on another multiverse movie when it could have established a bold new story-arc for their animated franchise.

Outside of that, the story is solid. I always like seeing Jay Garrick and Barry Allen work together. It is sort of a legacy thing for fans of the Flash to see them work together. I always liked how they crafted Black Canary. You do not get to see her too often which is a shame, but her character was very well written. The superheroes fighting in World War II are nothing new, but I always like that sort of clash. It definitely played off that classic comic book story with excellence.

This new animated universe is heading in a good direction. It was nice to hear the heroes say they are fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way” and I hope they continue to bring it together in this way. Their last version was more hit than miss and I think it will work here as well. With Batman on the docket soon, hopefully, there will be a Justice League flick soon.

Bottom line, Justice Society: World War II is a tight-knit story that fully utilizes the characters that they are featured. It is an excellent step into the DC Multiverse.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some minor foul language, Intense battle sequences, Strong violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: Life is dangerous. It shouldn’t stop us from living it.

Check out the trailer below:

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