‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S2 Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Season two of ‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ kicks off with issue one for DC Comics. Alan Burnett and Paul Dini return for writing duties with Ty Templeton returning for the artwork which is excellent.

Boston Brand, the ghost known as Deadman, comes to Gotham City and he senses something is off. His assumption is correct after Gotham City Mayor Hamilton Hill is murdered by a mysterious assailant. Commissioner Gordon seeks out the Dark Knight, who immediately begins an investigation into the tragic death. As Batman searches for the villain, he finds a connection to the mysterious Court of the Owls. When Deadman leaves him a clue, Batman seeks the aid of Zatanna for contacting him so they can stop the mysterious assailant.

After shaping their own version of Red Hood, Dini and Burnett are now grabbing onto the “Court of the Owls” originally created by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. They have become a staple of the Batman rogues and Gotham City mythology, even appearing in the live-action television show ‘Gotham.’

I honestly thought the story was very interesting and engaging. Dini and Burnett weave an excellent tale that is better than anything coming out of the main DC Universe. Now, I was disappointed that Mayor Hill was killed as I grew up with him as the most well-known public official outside of Commissioner Gordon and DA Harvey Dent. That being said, it sets the stage to show you the stakes are rising as the Court of Owls is coming.

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  1. […] Batman and Robin stop some criminals where the sidekick comments that the Dark Knight is acting “surly.” Gotham City Mayoral candidate Hamilton Hill Jr. asks Dick Grayson for Bruce Wayne’s endorsement against corrupt candidate Emerson Mayfield, but Batman refuses. Instead, Barbara Gordon embeds herself into Mayfield’s campaign as Batman chases after Clayface, though the Arkham inmate has a mysterious alibi. […]

  2. […] Batman continues to work with Boston Brand the Deadman in solving the mystery of the Court of Owls as their agents continue to cause trouble in Gotham City. Brand reconnects with Nightwing and meets Robin with a quick possession of Alfred Pennyworth. Meanwhile, Hamilton Hill, Jr. makes plans to take his father’s place in city hall. At the funeral of Mayor Hamilton Hill who was killed by the Talons, Batman and Deadman soon find a conspiracy that could shake the very foundation of Gotham. […]

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