‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 5 Comic Book Review

We are now at issue five with ‘Batman/Catwoman,’ the twelve part saga by Tom King with artwork from Clay Mann. DC Comics is releasing it through their Black Label imprint. I would like to say, the artwork is fantastic.

After the death of the Joker, Harley Quinn decides to track down Selina Kyle at Wayne Manor. The two of them engage in a “cat” fight through the mansion. Meanwhile in the past, we see Selina get drunk and try to rob a museum. This event is either before or after Catwoman meeting up with the Phantasm as the latter continues her crusade in Gotham to kill the Joker’s henchmen after her son is murdered by the Clown Prince of Crime.

I have no idea what the point this issue was trying to make or the story it was telling. Tom King has been confusing us with the bizarre past and future timelines. Absolutely nothing happens in this issue as the fight between Harley and Selina provided absolutely no plot. Batman was not even in it except very briefly. What is this?

This story is rapidly becoming something opposite of what King promises. We were supposed to get his “real” ending for his relationship between the Batman and Catwoman. Instead, we get a meandering Christmas-themed plot where nothing happens. Perhaps the first fifty issues of his Batman run were a fluke because it is clear he has no idea what direction he wants to go.

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  1. […] In the first timeline, Catwoman confronts the Joker while Bruce Wayne confessed to Alfred he is in love with Selina. In the second, the Joker is holding the Phantasm and an innocent family hostage when Batman and Catwoman arrive. In the future, Selina wants to get out of Gotham City after being fingered for the death of the Joker and she turns to the Penguin so her daughter Helena cannot stop her. […]

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