‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness’ Documentary Series Review

Directed by Joshua Zeman, ‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness‘ is a Netflix documentary miniseries that tells the story of journalist Maury Terry and his obsession with New York serial killer David Berkowitz.

Maury Terry (voiced by Paul Giamatti) was a journalist reporting on the .44 Caliber Killer also known as the Son of Sam. After David Berkowitz is arrested and confesses to the crimes, Maury notices inconsistencies with some of the crimes. Soon, he begins to unravel a link to Berkowitz and a Satanic cult that has its grips into politics, law enforcement, crime, and even Hollywood. As Maury follows the clues, he is met with both fanfare and ridicule as he tries to shine a light on this conspiracy.

The documentary is very well made. Using archival footage, interviews, and Giamatti to narrate as the voice of Maury Terry, you are hooked by this tale of intrigue and cults. It is put together very neatly and not a single segment overstays its welcome as you follow along.

As for the ideas it is offering, I think it is presented very well. Multiple killer theories abound for several serial killers, the Boston Strangler for example, though DNA evidence proved his guilt. With Berkowitz being a shooter, the police relied on eye-witness accounts and descriptions. They did an excellent job finding him and putting him behind bars. I will say, Maury does bring some new ideas to the case. He presents his evidence and while some of it is outlandish, Maury’s story of connecting dots actually does show results that grip you. Looking at the subject objectively, I do think there was more to the story. Did it go as deep as Maury thought? I doubt it, but it did convince me on a few details.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong language, Violence, Disturbing subject matter

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