‘Things Heard And Seen’ Review- I Wish I Could Unsee It

Things Heard And Seen‘ is a horror film written and directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. It was made by Likely Story and released on Netflix.

Taking place in1980, former art restorer Catherine Clare (Amanda Seyfried) moves with her husband George (James Norton) and their daughter Fanny (Ana Sophia Heger) from Manhattan to the small town of Chosen, New York. George becomes well-liked by his students and befriends department head Floyd DeBeers (F. Murray Abraham). Catherine is having trouble fitting in, but befriends two local boys Eddie (Alex Neustaedter) and Cole Lucks (Jack Gore). Catherine struggles with eating order and realizes that her house may be haunted. George has a brief affair with local girl Willis Howell (Natalia Dyer). His colleague Justine Sokolov (Rhea Seehorn) takes a liking to Catherine and gets suspicious of George. Meanwhile, Catherine continually hears voices of a haunting and wonder if the spirit is friendly or not.

Okay… where to begin? This movie is bad. It is perhaps the worst one I have seen to come from 2021 and I have seen some stinkers. It is billed as a horror, but the only horror you feel is putting yourself through its ridiculously long runtime and useless subplots that do not go anywhere.

For one thing, the story makes absolutely no sense. The couple moves into the house, ghosts start haunting Catherine, there’s apparently one friendly ghost plus a bad one, and then things spiral. Well, I say that as a descriptor. For one thing, it is not totally made clear why Catherine is connected to the “friendly” ghost of a murdered wife other than their husbands are jerks. Also, the two brothers Catherine befriends parents were two of the victims of the house. That proved to be completely and utterly insignificant to the plot. Zero. Nadda. The older brother was literally just Catherine can have a revenge fling after her husband’s affair.

I was also disappointed in the actors. It has a decent cast, but I have seen more charisma in a soap opera than I did in this movie. Not one person made me feel the danger, suspicion, or just plain emotion that I was supposed to see in each circumstance. Bland, boring, with some of the dumbest dialogue I have heard. Perhaps their hearts were not in it as much I did not want to be watching.

Bottom line, Things Heard & Seen is a flat horror film that offers no thrills or excitement of any kind. Should you put it on, you will find yourself bored within five minutes.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong violence, Strong language, Disturbing images

FAVORITE QUOTE: I know that doesn’t make any sense.

Check out the trailer below:

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