Aaron Cole: “Like You” Music Review

Hip hop singer Aaron Cole brings us “Like You,” an encouraging song featuring the vocal talents of Tobymac and Tauren Wells. The song was co-written by Wells along with Chuck Butler and Jonathan Smith. It was released under the Goatee Records banner.

The single is a good exhortation to remind us to strive to be more like our Heavenly Father. It has well-written lyrics and Aaron Cole’s voice brings it into a smooth, enjoyable song to put on when you need a reminded of what it is all about. He definitely has a lot of talent. The music video is simple with Aaron Cole walking through some alleyways with Tobymac and Tauren Wells. By the way, their voices add a great deal to the song. It is a bit dark as far as lighting, but I still enjoyed listening to it and watching it.

“The love has been immaculate. Love y’all, it’s only the beginning,” Cole said according to CHVN.

Tauren Wells chimed in, “(Aaron Cole) didn’t hold back on this one! We listen to Aaron constantly at our house! He has a pure heart, love for God, and waaaaaaaay too much sauce!! He didn’t hold back on this and I’m honored to be part of this record along with the GOAT (Tobymac)!”

“it’s my honor to collab and align with my two younger bros on something meaningful,” Tobymac added.

Check out the song below:

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