My Top 10 Favorite Female Transformers

In the Transformers universe, several female Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons have charmed, terrified, and battled for their respective. From sharpshooters to leaders to femme fatales, these robotic ladies have shown that they are strong and powerful in the war for Cybertron. Going by television shows, here are my My Top 10 Favorite Female Transformers:

10. Strong-Arm

She is a rookie beat cop with a strong sense of duty, Strong-Arm serves as Bumble Bee’s right hand bot for helping taking the escaped Decepticon criminals on Earth.

09. Airachnid

Transformers Prime shows the treacherous Airachnid. She tried to lead a revolt against Megatron with the help of the Insecticons, only to be banished to Cybertron’s moon by Soundwave.

08. Firestar

Her specialty is search and rescue while serving in Elita-One’s resistance against Shockwave’s control on Cybertron. From their base, they use guerilla tactics to defeat the Decepticons.

07. Chromia

An expert saboteur, security officer, and commander, Chromia works closely with her colleagues on organizing a resistance against the Decepticons.

06. Windblade

She is an Autobot pilot who also serves as a mission specialist for several Autobot leaders. Her flying skills even rival that of the Decepticon ace Star Scream.

05. Moonracer

The final member of Elita-One’s main team, Moonracer is a sharpshooter so accurate, she barely has to look at the target before taking them out.

04. Airrazor

The Maximal scout works closely with Tigatron while out in the field. She was a valued member of the Axalon crew, but would tragically perish after an encounter with the Vok.

03. Blackarachnia (Predacon)

She is devious, cunning, and an sadist, Blackarachnia is a Predacon who seeks who her own power in defeating Megatron and Optimus Primal.

02. Elita-One

Originally known as Ariel, she was injured by Megatron and rebuilt by Alpha Trion. At the start of the Great War, she became a leader of the resistance against Shockwave’s control over Cybertron.

01. Arcee

From Generation One to the Aligned Continuity to Animated, Arcee has been a consistent presence in the Transformers Universe to remind the Autobots that compassion and hope should never die.

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