Hulu’s ‘Sasquatch’ Documentary Miniseries Review

Sasquatch‘ is a three-part documentary series on Hulu directed by Joshua Rofé. It recounts the tale of investigative journalist David Holthouse who looking for clues about a triple murder that is said to be the work of Big Foot.

Holthouse recounts a story from his youthful days in Mendocino County, California where he briefly worked for an illegal marijuana farm. One night in the late 90s as they prepared for a harvest, two addicts rush into their shack, saying that Big Foot had killed three Mexican weed farmers, as their limbs were scattered about and the product was still in place. As Holthouse went through his journalistic career, his thoughts would wonder to this Sasquatch attack, where he would find urban legends, motorcycle gangs, and very human monsters who will do whatever it takes to protect their product.

The documentary is addictive. You become fascinated with Holthouse’s chase of Sasquatch and of his attempts to put together a shocking triple homicide. As he researches and looks for clues, he finds several false leads and gossip that goes nowhere. Besides him, locals, hippies, and Big Foot hunters are all interviewed to confirm some of the details that are presented, accompanied with a few press releases.

I will say, other than Sasquatch being name-dropped, I did not understand what he had to do with the crime. If it had stuck to the true crime aspect, it would have been less confusing. However, because it went back and forth between the death of three drug dealers. Sure, Big Foot was mentioned by two dead beats at the start, but the documentary was tilting between urban legend and true crime. It honestly should have stuck with one or the other. In this case, true crime would have been better considering the subject matter.

With this in mind, I still did enjoy all three episodes and found myself fascinated by the colorful characters who are interviewed, discussed, and mentioned. It definitely holds your attention from beginning to end.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Drug content, Some violence

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