‘Uncanny Avengers: The Red Shadow’ Graphic Novel Review

Marvel NOW brought us the ‘Uncanny Avengers: The Red Shadow,’ a tale about the X-Men and the Avengers coming together. It is written by Rick Remender with issues one through four drawn by John Cassaday with artist Olivier Coipel taking over for issue five.

Following the death of Professor X, Captain America decides that the Avengers have not done enough to help the mutants become accepted in society. With Cyclops in prison, Cap turns to his older brother Alex Summers aka Havok to lead the Avengers Unity Squad. Recruiting Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Wasp, Thor, Wonder Man, Sunfire, Wolverine, the team faces its first opponent with the Red Skull steals Prof. X’s body and absorbs his powers. With telepathy, he and his lackeys known as S-Men cause a riot in New York, putting Captain America and Havok’s team up for their first challenge.

The artwork is very well done. I did think Red Skull was a bit exaggerated, but the heroes were done well by both of the artists, particularly Wolverine and Thor. Good job to all.

I criticize Marvel Now titles a lot because that is when the stories started to go full into SJW talking points instead of concentrating on good stories. However, I have to admit, the first four issues were pretty engaging. They do a good job of differentiating Captain America and Havok, giving them distinct personalities. Rogue and Scarlet Witch also had some great dialogue showing their antagonism.

It is a shame that Marvel Comics has gone the direction that they had. If they had focused on stories like this, they might have been able to maintain their readers’ interest.

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