Marvel ‘Alien’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Disney is planning on milking all of their acquired franchises and that includes the ‘Alien‘ comic book series released through Marvel Studios. It is written by Philip Kennedy-Johnson with artwork by Salvador Larroca. The cover by InHyuk Lee (shown above) is also pretty cool.

Gabriel Cruz is a survivor of the xenomorph attack on Hadley’s Hope. He has given his life to Weyland-Yutani, but is ready to retire to Earth and patch things up with his son. Coming from the space station Epsilon, he meets with his son. It does not go well, ending in a shouting match. Unbeknown to Gabriel, his son steals his old ID card and uses to sneak a group of radicals onto the space station where something sinister awaits them.

I liked the illustrations of the xenomorphs, but the humans, and I know how this sounds, looked a bit stiff. Even when they were expressing emotion, it was hard to understand what they were saying. It is not a knock on Larroca’s talent. He is clearly a gifted artist, but I think the human element needed to emote a bit more.

As for the story, it is a good start. You do not see a whole lot of xenomorph action, except in flashbacks. However, Kennedy-Johnson’s plot is pulling me in. The connection to James Cameron’s Aliens is pretty cool and I liked how they are using that part of the timeline to bring out the story. Hopefully this will not be a one-off, as Marvel Comics is known for and that the story will continue to offer the science fiction horror that we all love from Ridley Scott’s Alien.

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