‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 4 Comic Book Review

Tom King continues to “deconstruct” the Dark Knight in the fourth issue of ‘Batman/Catwoman’ which he wrote and partners with Clay Mann to do the artwork. Mann’s work is the only good thing about this story.

Ahead of a dinner with the Gotham City’s elite, Catwoman informs Bruce Wayne that the Joker has hidden a bomb under the Gotham Ice Rink. With Batman away, the Phantasm arrives to take Catwoman hostage hoping to lure Batman to the abandoned grounds of the Gotham’s World Fair where she wants to trade Selina for the Clown Prince of Crime. In the future, Helena, as Batwoman, is seeking answers to her mother’s relationship with the Joker. As she searches for answers by visiting her father’s old enemies, Selina hopes to sabotage this endeavor.

This story is just as useless as the first three issues. His characterization of Batman, Catwoman, the Joker, and the Phantasm are all off, as if he has never read a single issue of Detective Comics. I honestly do not know why Tom King felt like his never got a chance to flesh out the direction he wanted to go when he was writing ‘Batman’ only to riff off Bruce Timm and Paul Dini by introducing characters from their stories. I am starting to think that after ‘The Wedding’ and Heroes In Crisis debacle, King lost his touch. At the risk of sounding overly critical, I am glad this on the DC Comics Black Label.

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