‘Secret Magic Control Agency’ Review- Actually Enjoyable

Secret Magic Control Agency‘ is animated film produced by Wizart Animation and directed by Alexey Tsitsilin. It was released in the United States through the Netflix streaming service.

In a magical land, the King (Marc Thompson) is kidnapped by magical food who take him to Elvira (Erica Schroeder), a woman who uses enchanted food to control people. The Secret Magic Control Agency Director Agent Stepmother (Georgette Reilly) assigns Agent Gretel (Sylvana Joyce) to find the King. She is tasked to work with her estranged brother Hansel (Nicholas Corda), a phony stage magician. The two of them learn of the magical food, tracing it back to a bakery, but after encountering enchanted food, they are reverted to kid versions of themselves. Young Gretel (Courtney Shaw) and young Hansel (Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) are thought to be meddling kids and ignored by the SMCA. The two put aside their differences and with the help of a puppy made of candy, they travel to save the king.

The best way to describe this movie is enjoyable. It is nothing grand, but it definitely has a certain charm to it. The film was made with a certain charm that it did not fully flesh out, but I feel that it was going in the rest direction. As such, I did have a decent time.

Animation-wise, it was competent. There was nothing stellar or amazing in it, but I thought the designs and the visuals looked smooth. Since Wizart Animation is European-based, I did notice some issues with the dubbing, but for the most part, they did match up. I also felt the voice actors did a good job.

For the plot, it did bounce around a bit. Hansel and Gretel go from one fairy tale land to another looking for clues to the location of the king. They visit a swamp, a land of mermaids, and even a forest. I think that maybe the Wizart is setting up for sequels by doing some world-building. That being said, I did think they did a good job with Hansel and Gretel’s sibling rivalry and the overall story.

Elvira’s plot development was a little off. I did not fully understand her motivations or how she did not have magic. One character commented that you had to be royalty to use magic, but that did not make much sense since several of the characters who did not have magic seemed to be able to use it.

Bottom line, Secret Magic Control Agency does have a few confusing points, but for an animated kids movie it is enjoyable and has some fun moments.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Cartoon violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: The fate of the kingdom depends on you.

Check out the trailer below:

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