Top 10 Writers DC Comics Should Hire To Take Over ‘Batman’

DC Comics

DC Comics has a long history of excellent writers who have penned stories for their flagship character Batman. However, it seems recently that the editorial direction of the company has overtaken the desire to produce excellent plots for the Dark Knight, his allies in Gotham, and his enemies. This direction has tainted the stories coming from DC Comics’ titles “Batman,” “Detective Comics,” and his guest appearances to the point where Batman is allowing himself to be punched by Robin and be lectured by Harley Quinn.

With this in mind, I thought it would be a fun exercise to suggest some excellent writers who would do a much better job at writing stories for the Dark Knight. In no particular order, here’s my Top 10 Comic Book Writers To Take Over Batman.

CS Johnson– Known for her genre-bending novel career, Johnson has also written graphic novels including the fantasy thriller The Serpent-Bearer and the Prince of Stars. She could re-establish the Batman Family and focus on the aspects of that make the Dark Knight great, though she would probably want to write Wonder Woman more so (considering the genre), she would hit a homerun with Batman.

Ethan Van Sciver– He is a DC Comics veteran, working on Green Lantern and Batman prior. Now, he writes CyberFrog, but I would love to see him bring the Dark Knight out of his current state.

Wyatt Holliday– Science fiction, fantasy, and action are just some of the genres he has written. Bring him into Gotham City and watch the place get burned down.

Mike Baron– Also known as the ‘Bloody Red Baron,’ he created and wrote one of the most popular indie characters ‘Nexus‘ with artist Steve Rude as well as several horror stories. He would be perfect to bring the Dark Knight to life in a new era. Baron wrote a story in the 1988 Batman annual and would later introduce a new villain in two issues of Batman: The Legends of the Dark Knight.

Orson Scott Card– The award-winning science fiction author proves that he can write a comic book as well when he wrote Ultimate Iron Man, the second of the two good things about Ultimate Marvel. His imagination could take the Dark Knight to new levels.

Mark Pellegrini– He has written for Red Rooster and Black Hops USA GI. He has a way of developing cool action sequences and bringing excellent characterization to his works.

Shiori Teshirogi– The mangaka has worked on the popular Saint Seiya franchise, but did you know she has written a tale in Gotham? Her manga series Batman and the Justice League shows the Dark Knight working with his allies to stop a force they do not fully understand with the help of a Japanese teen Rui.

Chuck Dixon– A Batman veteran, he worked on a ton of stories stemming from Gotham City in the 90s for DC Comics. He also worked on other titles like The Expendables Go To Hell, GI Joe, Ravage- Kill All Men, and a ton more.

Richard C. Meyer– He revitalized his Jawbreaker series through crowdfunding and he can revitalize Batman. From terrifying villains to cool team-ups, he could bring them together.

Mandy Summers– She is the creator of Wart the Wizard and Super Dead. She has some excellent creativity, bringing horror and humor to life.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Tell me if there is a comic book, movie, or novel you would like me to review. While you are at it, check out my Twelve Pop Culture YouTube Channels To Add To Your Watchlist. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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