‘Batman: Dying Is Easy’ Short Fan Film Review

Batman: Dying Is Easy‘ is a short fan film directed and co-produced by Sean Schoenke and Aaron Schoenke. The latter wrote it and Nikolay Zamkovoy co-produced it. The funds for the film were raised through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Batman (Kevin Porter) meets with Detective Bullock (Michael Madsen) after rescuing a hostage from the Mad Hatter (Jamie Costa). They discuss the disappearance of two police officers before Bullock informs the Dark Knight that the Joker (Aaron Schoenke) is dying and wants him to speak with him in Arkham. After discussing it with Dr. Hugo Strange (Chris Daughtry), Batman arrives at the asylum where his greatest nemesis wants to have chat about their “history.”

Congratulations to Sean Schoenke and Aaron Schoenke. They made an enjoyable short film that definitely captured the essence of Batman and his relationship with the Joker. It had some interesting conversations and all three of the main actors did a good job with their roles. Batman was a bit more brutal than in some incarnations, but I still had a good time while I watched it. Sure, Batman: Dying Is Easy is cool, sleek, and it definitely has some cool facets.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some language, Disturbing content, Violence

Check out the screen grab below:

You can watch the complete film here.

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