Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters That Should Become Canon Volume 1

Star Wars lore is not limited to six movies and an animated series. In fact, before the acquisition of LucasFilm, the Expanded Universe had a plethora of comic books, novels, and video games filled with adventures, heroes, villains, and exotic locations. This includes some pretty cool characters who have influenced the story-arcs. Here is the first volume of Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters That Should Become Canon:

Prince Xizor

From Shadows of the Empire, Xizor is mastermind and leader of the Black Sun, a criminal organization. He has his own fleet of ships and, according to the EU, searched for Luke Skywalker just to irk Darth Vader. This would lead to his downfall.


Luke Skywalker ran into the Velmoc, who had once been offered training as a Jedi. Jedidiah turned it down, fearing the rise of the Empire. He would die heroically saving Luke. He would appear in the comic book “The Last Jedi.”

Tarre Vizla

He is the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order. He created the Darksaber which would become a symbol of leadership of Mandalore.

Koffi Arana

Arana was a Jedi Knight who managed to survive Order 66. He would succumb to the dark side after a vengeful attack on Darth Vader that led to his demise.

Mara Jade

She was hand chosen by Emperor Palpatine as a secret apprentice, assassin, and Emperor’s Hand. She would fall in love with Luke Skywalker and become a celebrate Jedi in the New Republic.

Delta Squad

This elite group of clone soldiers were given more intelligence and more personality than the regular clone who fought during the Clone Wars. Boss, Fixer, Sev, and Scorch would later be recruited by the Emperor’s Hand following Order 66.

Kud’ar Mub’at

He is a giant spider that many criminals have used a middle man. Boba Fett would be recruited by him to start a war among the bounty hunters guild. He would be killed by one of his own spiderlings.

Z’meer Bothu

Little is known of the Jedi Master who allowed her apprentice to go on an unsanctioned mission to assassinate General Grievous. She believes in meditation and would go bravely off to battle on Alderaan.


He is one of the few who would start as Sith Lord before defecting to the Republic and becoming a Jedi Knight. He would become a legend in his own right, as both hero and villain.

Cal Kestis

He was a young Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66 and disguised himself as a trash collector. He would go on a journey to find a Holocron of Force-sensitive youth while dodging Inquisitors and eventually, Darth Vader himself.

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