‘Allen v. Farrow’ Documentary Miniseries Review

Allen v. Farrow‘ is a four-part documentary streaming on HBO Max that details the disturbing allegations against movie director Woody Allen. It is directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering.

Mia Farrow, her adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, adopted son Ronan Farrow, and several of her other children discuss the allegations that Mia’s longtime partner, film director Woody Allen molested Dylan. Through interviews, archival footage, and even Allen’s own commentary, the documentary paints a picture. No one can deny that it is well-made, well-executed, and brings it to light. The question that I wrestled with was if it had a slant.

I would have to say that the answer is yes. Woody Allen and his supporters, including his current wife, another of Farrow’s adopted children, all declined to be interviewed. Because of this, I would say Mia and Dylan’s perspectives were all brought to the forefront. Mia, in particular, took full advantage of the situation and delivered a full-on assault against the rumors, gossip, and the spin that Allen’s team leveled against her.

Of course, Allen’s allies in the Hollywood press, the mainstream media, and the celebrity elite are all doing the “he’s a perfect angel and Mia is a bitter hag who wants revenge” bit when discussing the documentary. Honestly, this does not help Woody Allen. The same press screeching, “believe all women,” is adding “except this one” with Dylan Farrow, which she is more than happy to point out. It hurts their and Allen’s credibility with this strategy. Not that the media have any left.

When it comes to documentaries, HBO Max definitely gives this its all and you feel the impact of Mia Farrow’s statements and Dylan Farrow’s accusations. It is a sobering reality to face that one of Hollywood’s most popular New Yorkers and filmmakers could be a predator.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Graphic discussion of sexual violence of children

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