#AmReading – The Man Wrapped In Darkness By Matthew Newsom

The Man Wrapped in Darkness‘ by Matthew Newsom is a Christian novel that explores a man who realizes that his family has made a deal with the devil… literally.

From the GoodReads description,

“Alec Williams has just become one of the most wealthy and influential men in America. Though not overwhelmed with grief over his father’s death, he is blindsided by the discovery his family’s fortune is not what it seems. Dark, supernatural forces have been at work in his bloodline for generations, and Alec is swept into an alliance with Satanic forces he didn’t know existed.

As he struggles to determine what his business empire is truly about, he is plagued by nightmares and hallucinations of The Man Wrapped in Darkness.”

I found this novel to be an easy read and one you can enjoy with your feet propped up on the couch while sipping on a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It is entertaining with a bit of simplicity in its narration. Throughout the entirety of the novel, it holds your attention. I do feel that a few of the sub-characters needed a bit more exploration, but Alec is a well-crafted character and you genuinely feel a connection to him as he dodges attacks from the devil himself and the mysterious Man Wrapped in Darkness.

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