‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 3 Comic Book Review

DC Comics brings us ‘Batman/Catwoman‘ issue three via their Black Label imprint. Writing duties continue with Tom King. The artwork is done by Clay Mann who continues to impress with his artwork and especially with this issue’s cover.

Sometime in the future, Helena Wayne is now acting as Batwoman and is informed by Gotham PD Commissioner Dick Grayson that a man killed and they suspect it is the Joker. She asks her mother Selina Kyle, who now lives in Wayne Manor, about why she thinks the Joker and Batman died so close to each other. Meanwhile, in the past, the Phantasm considers her deadly assault on the Joker’s gang with Batman telling the Joker he will not protect him. What he does not know is that there will be a violent showdown between the Phantasm and Catwoman.

Not to sound repetitive, but I honestly do not know what Tom King is trying to accomplish. He claimed that after “The Wedding” arc got derailed that this story would answer how he wanted the romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle from his run. However, the only thing he has done is developed some weird fixation on the Joker on the part of the Dark Knight. Catwoman is kind of an afterthought and the Phantasm could have been anyone. It does not matter to the story at all whether Andrea Beaumont is the one taking vengeance on Joker’s gang. It could have been Harvey Bullock for all I care.

It is a shame that after ruining Alfred (who he also killed off), Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Commissioner Gordon, and Bane he sets his sights on a classic character from Batman: The Animated Series to bring down.

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