‘Transformers: Escape’ Issue 2 Comic Book Review

As stated previously, IDW Publishing continues their prequel series of Cybertron tales in ‘TransformersEscape‘ issue two. Taking place just prior to the Great War, the story highlights the tension happening between the Autobots and Decepticon, but also among the factions themselves.

Following issue one, Wheeljack and Hound are leading a group of Autobots who are evacuating organic aliens off the planet, knowing that the Decepticons discriminate against organic lifeforms. Their hopes lie in their allies, who are trying to find the Ark convoy to escape Cybertron before war breaks out. Meanwhile, the Insecticons are growing frustrated with Decepticon scientist Shockwave, who continually promising to give them cloning abilities. Bombshell and Shrapnel decide to take matters into their own hands.

Beth McGuire-Smith has a knack for drawing the Transformers. All of the designs of the Generation One characters resemble their original designs. She does a particularly good job with Dai Atlas, a character from the anime Zone. As for the story, I was not sure what it was trying to convey. Except for the Insecticons, the story does not move forward that much. We know the Autobots are looking for the Ark. We know Wheeljack and Hound are trying to evacuate organics. We know the Decepticons are about to go to war. We know Cybertron is experiencing some sort of planetary crisis. Perhaps part three will reveal more and I hope so.

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