‘Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers’ Anime Review

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers‘ is a 2015 anime adaption of the ‘Rokka no Yūsha‘ series of light novels by Japanese author Ishio Yamagata. The TV show is directed by Takeo Takahashi and produced by the Tokyo-based company Passione. The English dubbing was done by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

The world is bracing for the return of the Demon King, centuries after the Goddess of Fate sealed him and his army of demon fiends on an island. However, fiends are attacking the kingdoms again, prompting the rise of the prophesied warriors known as the Six Braves. Adlet Mayer (Robbie Daymond), the self-styled ‘world’s strongest man’ meets up with Princess Nashetania (Abby Trott) after discovering they are both Braves. They journey together and meet-up with the others: the “Gunpowder Saint” Fremy Speeddraw (Brianna Knickerbocker), “Swamp Saint” Chamo Rosso (Kira Buckland), “Mountains Saint” Mora Chester (Wendee Lee), the assassin Hans Humpty (Ben Diskin), and the princess’ bodyguard Goldof Auora (Ray Chase). All seven arrive at the meeting place and get trapped in a mystical fog. There is just one problem. There should only be six. One of them is a traitor, working with the Demon King to kill the real Braves. Because of his outsider status, Adlet is accused and is forced to go on the run while the others search him, wanting to kill him.

I would like to give kudos to the animation. It has some pretty cool character designs and the way the fight scenes are drawn is just as epic. I did not care for the designs of the fiends as they used some weird CGI. In general terms, they looked scary but traditional animation would have served them better than the final product. Now, the main characters were designed very well, particularly Fremy. For some reason, her design stood out among the others.

Side note, I liked “Cry for the Truth,” the original OP. They changed it later and I did not care for the new one.

As for the plot, it is pretty exciting. It is only twelve episodes, but it gets you hooked from beginning to end. The series protagonist Adlet was a little annoying at the start, but you realize it is to show how hard his fall is going to be. The twists, turns, and suspense of the whole situation plays off very well. I am disappointed that this series was not renewed for a second season because… well, you will find out why.

Check out the DVD trailer below:

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