‘Inside The Circle’ Review- A Quirky Rom-Com With Lots Of Heart

Inside The Circle‘ is a quirky romantic comedy directed by Javier Colón. It was written and co-produced by one of the film’s stars Omar Mora, and released his media company Moras Productions.

Business attorney Rocio (Stefy Garcia) meets app developer Giancarlo (Omar Mora) during an awkward exchange, but it is clear there are sparks. However, both seem to want different things. Rocio is a lawyer and likes to have things in order as she takes care of her mother. Giancarlo is an artist developing his own app who loves comic books and is carefree. When problems arise in their relationship, their friends Justin (Justin Lee) and Natalie (Valeria Gonzalez) try to advise them. However, their clashing lifestyles might be too hard for the geek and the lawyer to overcome.

Here is a fun fact, I have met Omar Mora twice now at comic book conventions where I took a look at his sci-fi horror series ‘The Unearthians.’ He is incredibly creative and I was excited when I got the opportunity to view this project.

The movie is billed as a romantic comedy, but I felt it was more of a “dramedy.” It definitely had some funny dialogue and moments, but it complemented the serious moments in the film, which seemed to be the main focus. In that regard, it was well-balanced. The funny moments did not upend the serious scenes and the serious moments were not a wet blanket on the comedic timing. I did feel some of the dialogue was a little forced, but nothing earth-shattering.

From a storytelling point-of-view, I liked the fact that it showed these clashing lifestyles of a carefree geek and put-together attorney. A lot of romantic films use the tension more as a MacGuffin, but this movie does a good job of highlighting putting these tensions in the story without seeming hamfisted. I will say, the back and forth on what marriage means puzzled me a bit. The dialogue made it a tug of war on whether marriage is just a piece of paper or a representation of commitment. As a married man, I usually say it is the latter, but the story did not seem to know where it landed.

Acting-wise, it is not bad. Mora and Garcia have good romantic chemistry which made their relationship relatable. Both of them do a good job. Mora plays the geek who has his own dreams of making it big with excellence. Likewise, the talented Garcia does a fantastic job and truly shows her talent.

Bottom line, Inside The Circle is a fun and quirky film that is a lot of fun. It has a great story and excellent performances from its stars. You definitely want to put this on your movie watchlist.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong language, Sexual dialogue

FAVORITE QUOTE: The way we construct the rules in regard to relationships I just… I don’t like it. I don’t fit in.

Check out the trailer below:

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