‘Super Dead’ Creator SLAMS Marvel’s She-Hulk Remake

Writer and creator Mandy Summers joins me to discuss her thoughts on Marvel Comics’ latest rendition of She-Hulk and how SJWs are taking control of comic books.

Check out the video below on Rumble:

Comic book creator Mandy Summers also joined StudioJake to discuss her latest project, Wart The Wizard 2 as well as the inspiration behind the series. We also dive into her horror-themed Super Dead and the swashbuckling Ava The Pirate Princess projects as well.

Find Mandy’s work: StuntmanComics.com

She described the inspiration for ‘Wart the Wizard’ on its IndieGoGo campaign:

Years ago when my daughter was younger, I would read to her every night at bedtime. Hundreds and hundreds of stories later, when it seemed like there was almost nothing left to read, she demanded a custom tale and Wart The Wizard was born! Night after night, when most children were already asleep, we’d stay up late laughing and joking about Wart’s misfortune, and agreed that EVERYONE has a little bit of Wart The Wizard inside of them. He’s the humor we find when things are sometimes at their worst, and the proof that anyone can overcome life’s challenges if you look within yourself and dare to dream.

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