‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 2 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann continues their ‘Batman/Catwoman’ series with issue two through the DC Comics Black Label. It continues King’s version of the romance between the Dark Knight and the Cat. From the outset, I want to say that Mann did a good job with the artwork.

Andrea Beaumont has adopted her identity as the Phantasm and has gone on a killing rampage through Gotham City, targeting anyone associated with the Joker. Batman investigates, trying to find the Joker after he stole a diamond. Because of its cat-like qualities, he questions Catwoman about it, but she denies stealing it. The Joker, meanwhile, takes desperate measures to avoid getting found.

I do not know what went wrong with Tom King. From Batman Rebirth 1-50, he had a good stride. It was imperfect, but it was interesting, at least. After that, he somehow came to think that one-word sentences are a good way to write dialogue. We saw that in issue 1 and we see it here.

Not to mention, he does not seem to know what to do with the story. We have a basic plot than a diamond subplot, and then a second plot where Selina is visiting the Joker when they are both old. It does not add up or keep your interest. The relationship between Batman and Catwoman has no chemistry, the Joker seems out of character, and the Phantasm adds nothing to the story. Where it is going, I have no idea.

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