‘The Man From Nowhere’ Review- Fathers, Sons, And Where To Go

Matt Green directs, co-writes, and co-produces ‘The Man From Nowhere,’ an indie drama co-written by Chris Dowling and produced by John Sullivan. It also features music by Grant Fonda.

California attorney Jake (Seth Bowling) is a shark who only sees dollar signs when it comes to a case. However, his alcoholism angers his partners who force him to take a vacation after a volatile night of partying. His estranged father Herb “HB” Meyer (Nick Searcy), a bestselling author, contacts him hoping to reconnect after a cancer diagnosis. His assistant Jenny (Arianna Sonnenburg) arranges for Herb to move in behind Jake’s back. Herb asks Jake to read his latest novel “The Man From Nowhere,” a book he plans on using to raise money for struggling veterans. Jake begins to read the novel and visualizes the main character Gamble (Anthony Tyler Quinn), a hard-boiled detective who is also seeking his lost son. As Jake reads, he begins to see a different side of his father through the pages of his novel.

The movie is a plot within a plot as we see both Jake’s life in reconnecting with his estranged dad and the story of Gamble, the man in the novel. One is a moving drama about a prodigal father and the other is about a hard-boiled detective whose son works for a dangerous crime boss. Both of the stories melded together in a tidy manner. The filmmakers did an excellent job of balancing both of the plots without getting lost in the weeds as far as the details.

My only point of criticism is Jake mentions at one point that he has not read the end of the novel, but we never find out if he ever did. It would have been a good point to connect to the end. Outside of that, I found the film enjoyable and the story crafted well.

Nick Searcy is, of course, excellent in the role of Herb. He certainly has never lost his acting touch and continues to show how skilled he was. Seth Bowling did a good job of making his character relatable with all of the frustration. It was also a treat to see Anthony Tyler Quinn. I loved seeing him as Mr. Turner in Boy Meet World, so it was a treat to see him in this film.

Bottom line, The Man From Nowhere is a moving drama that pulls you into the story and has several decent performances. You will find the plot relatable and interesting.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor violence, Substance abuse

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m not here to question your life choices, but I want you to question them.

Check out the trailer below:

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