‘Ninety Four’ Graphic Novel Review

Comic book artist Shelby Robertson brings us ‘Ninety Four‘ through American Discord. The comic book was part of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign that I supported.

Stanley Love is the time-traveling assassin Ragetality is partnered with coffee slugging giant Slam and their team leader Teddy, a body-less head. The three of them takeout folks in the past who cause trouble for the future. Leaving a bunch of bodies in their wake, the unlikely trio soon find themselves the target of another group of assassins who plan on stealing their hits. This leads to a brutal battle of strength that could level all of New York, even a trendy Mexican restaurant that Ragetality wants to try.

The artwork is superb. All of the character designs are pretty cool, especially Ragetality and the sister assassins Alanis and Lana Vey. No one can say that Shelby Robertson lacks talent. He paid a lot of attention to detail with this.

I will say, I do feel like the story lacked a little bit of plot. It seemed like just going from one action sequence to the next. The plot device felt more like MacGuffin to show off the brutal way Ragetality takes out his targets. Perhaps in the teased sequel, it will have a more coherent plot. I hope so because I did enjoy the characters, I just would have liked a more put together story.

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