Words Of Wisdom From Madam C.J. Walker

Sarah Breedlove, later known as Madam C.J. Walker, was (by today’s standards) the first self-made female millionaire. She was orphaned at a young age, but soon grew up to become one of the well-known businesswomen. She was a successful entrepreneur, activist, mother, and proof that the American Dream is a reality. Here are my top 10 favorite quotes from her:

“Worth more than it Costs.” – 1906

“Perseverance is my motto.” – August 1917

“Now I realize that in the so-called higher walks of life, many were prone to look down upon ‘hair dressers’ as they called us; they didn’t have a very high opinion of our calling, so I had to go down and dignify this work, so much so that many of the best women of our race are now engaged in this line of business, and many of them are now in my employ.” – August 1913

“Girls and women of our race must not be afraid to take hold of business endeavor and, by patient industry, close economy, determined effort, and close application to business, wring success out of a number of business opportunities that lie at their doors.” – August 1913

“Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come . . . get up and make them!” – August 1914

“Open Your Own Shop; Secure Prosperity and Freedom.” – 1917

“Surely you are not going to shut the door in my face. I feel that I am in a business that is a credit to the womanhood of our race.” – August 1912

“I have built my own factory on my own ground!” – July 1912

“I am not ashamed of my past; I am not ashamed of my humble beginning. Don’t think that because you have to go down in the wash-tub that you are any less a lady!” – August 1912

“I have made it possible for many colored women to abandon the wash-tub for more pleasant and profitable occupation.” – August 1913

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