‘Transformers: Escape’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing continues their prequel series of Cybertron tales in ‘Transformers: Escape‘ issue one. Taking place just prior to the Great War, it highlights the tension happening between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Hound, Nautica, and Road Rage are defending a group of alien refugees from the Insecticons who are literally feasting them. Reporting these circumstances to Optimus Prime, it is determined that they must evacuate all non-Cybertronian life on the planet before it escalates. Meanwhile, Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Hoist are shocked when a group of Decepticons arrives at a hospital, demanding that certain patients be turned over. With these tensions rising, war is on the horizon and a plan must be formed or all Transformers are in danger.

The artwork by Beth McGuire-Smith is incredible. In fact, cover A for this issue was on my Top 10 Best Comic Book Covers Of 2020. The one above is variant RI-B or some weird classification. Anyway, the illustrations and the cover designs are pretty top-notch, especially with Wheeljack and the Insecticons.

As for the story, IDW Publishing has been hit or miss with me for the Transformers. Their post-war stuff has not been the best, but so far in these prequels, I have enjoyed them. It seems that writer Brian Ruckley is focusing on the actions taking and that is interesting. Hopefully, we will see it get more action-packed once the Great War starts.

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  1. […] Wheeljack and Nautica arrive at Darkmount where they find that the city’s administrator is prepared to only evacuate his city, leaving behind the other Autobots. Hound tries to convince Dai Atlas back into the fight, but the powerful Transformer has chosen the path of peace. Meanwhile, the Insecticons are raising a clone army to conquer all of Cybertron, even if it means sacrificing the other Decepticons. […]

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