‘Transformers: Escape’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing continues their prequel series of Cybertron tales in ‘Transformers: Escape‘ issue one. Taking place just prior to the Great War, it highlights the tension happening between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Hound, Nautica, and Road Rage are defending a group of alien refugees from the Insecticons who are literally feasting them. Reporting these circumstances to Optimus Prime, it is determined that they must evacuate all non-Cybertronian life on the planet before it escalates. Meanwhile, Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Hoist are shocked when a group of Decepticons arrives at a hospital, demanding that certain patients be turned over. With these tensions rising, war is on the horizon and a plan must be formed or all Transformers are in danger.

The artwork by Beth McGuire-Smith is incredible. In fact, cover A for this issue was on my Top 10 Best Comic Book Covers Of 2020. The one above is variant RI-B or some weird classification. Anyway, the illustrations and the cover designs are pretty top-notch, especially with Wheeljack and the Insecticons.

As for the story, IDW Publishing has been hit or miss with me for the Transformers. Their post-war stuff has not been the best, but so far in these prequels, I have enjoyed them. It seems that writer Brian Ruckley is focusing on the actions taking and that is interesting. Hopefully, we will see it get more action-packed once the Great War starts.

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6 thoughts on “‘Transformers: Escape’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

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