‘Red Rooster’ 1 Comic Book Review

Created by Mitch Breitweiser, Red Rooster is an indie comic series released through Allegiance Arts. Episode One “Fear The Dawn” was written by Mark Pellegrini with artwork from Breitweiser and coloring by Elizabeth Breitweiser.

Red Rooster has become estranged from his old superhero group The Order of the Dawn after he becomes a celebrity who makes endorsements. They believe he has lost his edge, but he insists it is to help fund their heroics. However, his old sidekick Strong Boy and the superheroine Midnight answer his call when a large group of their worst enemies escape from prison. With little time, the team has to come together to save the country one more time.

Mitch Breitweiser definitely brings us some pretty cool characters and a good kick-off to his comic book series. Red Rooster definitely has an interesting story and his supporting cast are not bad. He also does a good job with the artwork. All of the characters were illustrated with excellence. He definitely has an imagination and his talent shines through on this one.

Also, Mark Pellegrini does a good job with the story itself. You feel the tension between the team as they debate heroics and where they stand with one another. It is exciting and shows Red Rooster’s evolution through his days as one of America’s heroes. It is cool and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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