‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Batman/Catwoman‘ is a new series from writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann. It is released through the DC Comics Black Label, continuing the romantic saga of the Dark Knight and the Cat.

Andrea Beaumont arrives at Wayne Manor, begging for Bruce Wayne’s help in locating her lost son Andrew, whom she believes is hiding in Gotham City. Despite her resistance, Catwoman agrees to help Batman, questioning everyone from the Sewer King to the Joker in search of a young boy who may not want to be found.

Tom King gave us a bloated story-arc that culminated in City of Bane where he had one of the worst endings, killing Alfred Pennyworth for no reason other than being shocking. Now, he teases Batman TAS fans with characters such as Andrea Beaumont and the Sewer King. This first issue did not impress me, especially the lame side-story where Selina is speaking with the Joker in the future. Perhaps it will get better, but as of right now, I am not seeing any new vision or redemption for his terrible run on Batman’s flagship DC Comics series.

As for the artwork, Clay Mann is not bad. He does a good job of rendering Gotham City as well as the characters, particularly Catwoman. I will admit, I do not see the appeal of the Joker in a fedora hat, but outside of that, it shows a lot of talent.

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  1. […] Catwoman is fighting in three different Christmas seasons in Gotham. In the first, she is fighting the Joker during some earlier period. Second, she is fighting the Joker again after stopping his killing of Batman and the Phantasm. Finally, she is fighting with her daughter Helena, who is tracking her mother down after Selina killed the elderly Joker. Oh, and Selina eludes to some secret. […]

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