‘White Lie’ Review- A Cautionary Tale On Lies And Scams

White Lie‘ is an indie drama film directed by Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas, who also both wrote the story. It was released in the United States through Rock Salt Releasing.

Katie Arneson (Kacey Rohl) is a Canadian college student studying dance and struggling with cancer. With the help of her girlfriend Jennifer Ellis (Amber Anderson), she is raising money for her treatment, pills, student debts, and for basic living. There is just one problem. Katie is lying. She is scamming her friends, family, and total strangers with the help of Ontario con artist Owen (Connor Jessup) who provides her with pills and fake documents. When she needs cash to pay for a forged medical record, she goes to her father Doug (Martin Donovan) telling him it is for treatment. He does not believe her and tells her that he knows she is lying. This forces Katie to make some hard choices in searching for the cash, causing her to lie further to gain what she needs. As one lie leads to another, Katie finds the tales she is spinning more and more difficult to control.

How often do you hear that a charity is nothing more than a scam? It happens way more than you think and this film does a good job of showing the lengths the perpetrators have to go to sustain their fraud. You see the moral quandaries, the connections, the blackmail, and everything in between to maintain the facade.

Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas do a good job at crafting the story with all of its intricacies without making the plot feel bloated or loaded with boring facts. It just presents these issues as part of the narrative and that was impressive. My one issue with the film itself is I feel that the climax seemed to miss something. There did not seem to be any definitive conclusion and it left you wanting a bit.

Kacy Rohl, Martin Donovan, and Amber Anderson all did a good job with their roles. You can definitely feel the tension in their roles, especially with Rohl’s character trying to keep her lies straight to Anderson’s character. This was the biggest draw of the movie, watching their interactions. I want to add that Donovan as the father who sees through her lies also brings it home.

Bottom line, White Lie is a timely movie that has some excellent performances and a thrilling story. It weaves together a plot that keeps you guessing and shows how one lie can impact a variety of people.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Brief nudity, Strong foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m just going to try to keep smiling.

Check out the trailer below:

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