My Top 10 Best Films Of 2020

When it came to 2020, several movies were delayed or affected by the pandemic lockdowns. This made it a strange year where you could either saw one before lockdowns, saw it in a drive-in, or streamed it. For this list of my favorites, I had to go with what I had, so take that into consideration when you read this list. I looked at fun, creativity, good writing, excellent artistic techniques, and whether or not I was entertained by it. Here are My Top 10 Best Films Of 2020:

10. The Gentlemen – This is a fun, stylish, and all-around good time film with lots of excellent performances, witty dialogue, and slick shots that you can enjoy from beginning to end.

09. Emma. – The dramedy is a clever and excellent adaption of Jane Austen’s novel. There are plenty of hilarious moments and drama that make it enjoyable as a film.

08. Onward – Sure, it feels a bit rushed at times, but it is a charming tale with stellar animation, excellent voice acting, and a story about two boys who want to meet their father, even for a moment.

07. The Hunt – I am glad this film came out in 2020. It hits every mark on the political satire and the horror. It does rely too much on the gore and there were a few character gaps, but otherwise, it is a timely film for the heightened political sensitivity we all deal with on a daily basis.

06. The Fatman – Mel Gibson’s future Christmas cult classic is the Christmas dark comedy that we all need. It has its issues, but from beginning to end you are thoroughly entertained by Mel Gibson’s less-than-jolly Santa Claus.

05. The Outpost – This war drama is a modern war film that tells the true story of one of the bravest acts that the US Army engaged in. The acting, the plot, and the pace keep you hooked in the plot.

04. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – The superhero anime is exciting and entertaining. It is perfect for anime fans, fans of the show, and even for newcomers who are looking for a classic battle between good and evil.

03. The Invisible Man – An excellent remake, it provides genuine thrills and chills in the plot along with some excellent performances by the actors.

02. Hillbilly Elegy – Ron Howard’s adaption of J. D. Vance’s memoir does not match the book in its poignancy, but it is still an excellent movie that tells the story of a family in crisis, but always finds a way to not only survive but exceed their circumstance.

01. Tenet – Christopher Nolan’s latest film is a brilliant work that combines the espionage genre with Nolan’s observations on time. It is bold, ambitious, and I am definitely regretful I did not see it in theaters. It was clearly meant for that, as it is a masterwork of cinema.

Like I said, I sort of had to go with what I had for 2020. Do you think one does not belong? If so, which one and what would you swap it out with?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Tell me if there is a comic book, movie, or novel you would like me to review. While you are at it, check out my My Top 10 Best Movies Of 2019. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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