Movie Review Flashback- Borrowed Hearts (1997)

Roma Downey starred in and co-executive produced ‘Borrowed Hearts,’ a 1997 CBS television Christmas romantic film directed by Ted Kotcheff and produced by Mary Kahn.

Kathleen (Roma Downey) is a single mother to her little girl Zoey (Sarah Rosen Fruitman) who thinks an angel will bring her golf hustling father Jerry (Kevin Hicks) home. Kathleen’s boss Sam Field (Eric McCormack) and his business partner Dave Hebert (Shawn Alex Thompson) are set to make a business deal in Mexico that would close the factory where Kathleen works. Dave reveals that he told the business owner Javier Del Campo (Héctor Elizondo) that Sam was a family man who had a wife and child since Javier is a traditional man. As Kathleen and Zoey are looking at Christmas lights, Zoey hops out of the car seeing a giant home that resembles her dollhouse. This is Sam’s house and seizing the opportunity, Dave manages to convince Kathleen to be Sam’s wife for the Christmas holidays while Javier visits, which delights Zoey. At first, Kathleen and Sam have trouble keeping up appearances, but soon grow to appreciate one another.

This is a sort of a typical holiday-themed romantic comedy from the nineties era. I will admit though, unlike a lot of TV films that came from that era, this one does have some imagination and some heart to it. While it does have that old trope of a lower class woman falling for an upper-class workaholic man, it does a steady and pleasant plot that I found enjoyable. It is perfect for a date night that involves hot chocolate.

Héctor Elizondo was, of course, the best actor in the whole feature. He knows how to deliver lines with an ease that brings a “coolness” to every scene. Sarah Fruitman was decent as the little girl. She provided all of the necessary childlikeness and Christmas hope. Eric McCormack is right for the role. He delivered nothing extraordinary but did a good job with the part. Roma Downey is such a dear who brings so much grace to the screen. You can tell she cared deeply about her role, not surprising since she was involved in the production as well.

Bottom line, Borrowed Hearts is a decent holiday film that is sure to make a good date night during the Christmas season. Every once in a while, the nineties provide a hidden gem that is something to enjoy.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild language, Rude humor

FAVORITE QUOTES: What do I have to do to get you to forgive me?

I could not find a trailer, but I found a collection of clips:

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