‘Alien Xmas’ Review- Cute Stop-Motion Christmas Alien Adventure

Alien Xmas‘ is a Christmas kids movie streaming on Netflix. The stop-motion film is directed by Stephen Chiodo, who also co-wrote the book it is based on with Jim Strain.

Santa Claus (Keythe Farley) tells young elf children the story of X (Dee Bradley Baker), who was sent to Earth by Z (Barbara Goodson), the leader of a race of aliens called the Klepts. His mission is to build a machine in the North Pole to eliminate Earth’s gravity and forcing everyone’s stuff to float into space where his greedy fellow aliens will steal everything as they have done to countless other civilizations. Upon arriving at the North Pole with a robot helper, whom he programs to build the machine, he explores and discovers Christmas Town where Santa and the elves live building toys for the children around the world. One little elf named Holly (Kaliayh Rhambo) because her parents are busy helping Santa prepare for Christmas Eve. After a mix-up, X pretends to be a toy for Holly, who carries him around, and from observing the giving nature of the North Pole, X begins to see the joy in giving instead of stealing.

This movie is short, running at about forty-two minutes which is the perfect length for it. I could not see it running longer, otherwise, it might have gotten stale, but since it keeps it brief, you find the story quite charming. It is a somewhat typical Christmas story, but with a race of alien thieves thrown into the mix, learning the joy of Christmas giving. Sure, it was a bit basic as far messaging, but I still thought it was fun.

The mix of stop-motion and clay animation made it even more fun to watch. They did a good job of telling the story in that creative medium and I thought it made it stand out when it could have just been made so cheaply, especially in today’s animation attitude. Poor CGI and lazy animation about these days, but this one did alright.

Bottom line, Alien Xmas is a fun short that adds a science fiction flavor to the story of Santa Claus. It is fun, enduring, and shows some true skill in the stop-motion technique.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some cartoonish violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: I feel so warm. It’s wonderful.

Check out the trailer below:

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