Dolly Parton’s ‘Christmas on the Square’ Review- Rhinestone Angel

Dolly Parton’s ‘Christmas on the Square‘ is a 2020 holiday musical film on Netflix. The movie is directed by Debbie Allen and written by Maria S. Schlatter with music by Dolly Parton.

Regina Fuller (Christine Baranski) owns most of the property in the town of Fullerville after she inherits it from her father. She decides to sell the town to a major mall, evicting the residents and trying to pay them off, even her old high school sweetheart Carl (Treat Williams) and her best friend Margeline (Jenifer Lewis), who is also the mayor of the town. Pastor Christian Hathaway (Josh Segarra) and his wife Jenna (Mary Lane Haskell) arouse the town to put up a “resistance.” Regina is frustrated and tortures Felicity (Jeanine Mason), her assistant with meanness. However, an angel named Angel (Dolly Parton) arrives to give her a second chance.

Can I just say, Dolly Parton still has an amazing voice. She is a national treasure in that regard and her singing talent is on full display. She wrote the songs for the film and while several of them are a bit cheesy, you could tell that she definitely put a lot of Christmas spirit in all of the music, lyrics, and rhymes.

As a movie, I will admit it was cheesy. The story is sort of that typical holiday “Scrooge” story of a hard-nosed business owner who is ruining for Christmas and the attempt to stop with a little bit of spiritual help as well. At a few points, the film would focus on random characters that you did not really get a chance to know. At times, I struggled to recall who they were or how they were connected to the story or even the town.

Most of the actors overacted, making it come off as forced in several scenes. Several times, the movie seemed to lose focus. There were a few times that I swear the actors were breaking character to chuckle at the scene they were performing.

There was this one sequence where Dolly Parton‘s angelic character is trying to encourage a “lower-ranked” angel in her charge and it goes to this bizarre ballet segment. I honestly thought that the whole scene could be shortened just a bit. On that note, the special effects of some of the angels’ miracles were not of the highest quality. They could have done without a few of them and the scenes would have delivered its message.

Bottom line, Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square is one of those cheesy Christmas movies you can put on in the background for the family dinner and enjoy the music.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some minor language

FAVORITE QUOTE: I still haven’t gotten my chance.

Check out the trailer below:

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