Seb Zewdie and Danny Simmons Discuss New Documentary ‘Suffer For Good’ | StudioJake

Suffer For Good‘ is a documentary that tells the story of Seb Zewdie, a boxing champion from Ethiopia. Filmmaker and director Danny Simmons interviews him, his family, and his trainees as they tell Seb’s inspirational story. They both joined StudioJake to talk about the film.

Check out the interview below:

According to the documentary’s press release,

Suffer For Good is the moving story of Ethiopian boxer Seb Zewdie. His Olympic dreams were shattered by Russia’s boycott of the LA 1984

Olympics and a vicious near-death stabbing. After a chance encounter with CNN Hero Dr. Rick Hodes, Seb survived as a political refugee in the United States. Thirty-three years later, Director Simmons follows his journey back into the boxing ring. We now find Seb in LA a pro boxing and UFC striking coach still haunted by what could have been.

Suffer For Good is Danny Simmons’ feature-length directorial debut. He directed and produced Every Other Weekend, a pilot turned web series that was executive produced by Emmy Award-winner Sterling K. Brown of NBC’s This Is Us. Starring HBO’s Kimberly Hébert Gregory, starring and produced by Ryan Michelle Bathé (NBC’s This Is Us), and created by Netflix’s Adrienne Carter. Fox put in development Every Other Weekend, a half-hour single-camera comedy from Will Packer Media at the end of 2019.

It continues, “Seb Sebsebe “Fetan” Zewdie is a respected boxing and MMA coach. A political refugee from Ethiopia, Zewdie immigrated to the United States in 1987 in order to receive a life-saving heart operation. Zewdie is the father of three young American sons and resided with his wife Lyou only a few miles from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of the 1984 Olympic games until earlier this year when they moved the family to Nashville, Tennessee. Seb’s wife Lyou is a healthcare worker who has been working at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville during the pandemic. Seb has been helping patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in his local community by teaching them how to box. Seb Zewdie attended Addis Ketma High School, Tegbred Technical School and he is an El Camino College graduate.”

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