A Buffet Of Major Star Wars Projects Are Coming Soon!

Disney Star Wars films, with a single exception, have not been well-received by fans of the film franchise. However, shows like The Mandalorian, the final season of Clone Wars, and video games have been keeping a light on for the fandom. Disney Investor’s Day 2020 revealed that LucasFilms is moving forward with a few shows and films for the Star Wars slate.

According to The Verge, here are the shows coming to Disney Plus. The Bad Batch will be a spin-off of the Clone Wars animated series and focus on that squad of clones who helped Rex rescue one of his own. Vision will be an anime-style series, but not much more was given. Andor and Lando will also feature characters from Rogue One and Solo, respectively. Rangers of the New Republic will focus on the soldiers patrolling a post-Empire universe.

The two show that I am most excited about are, first, the Ahsoka spin-off where Rosario Dawson will play the fan-favorite Lost Jedi. This is going to be an epic adventure and, if they do it right, I think it could just as good as The Mandalorian. Secondly, Hayden Christensen will reprise his role as Darth Vader for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. This will be an exciting adventure and a rematch is promised. I cannot wait to see it. This is what I needed to get hyped.

As for films, LucasFilm’s failed exec Kathleen Kennedy did confirm that Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie is moving into the development stage. However, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins stole the show with the announcement that she is helming Rogue Squadron. There was no trailer or sizzle, but an announcement video from Jenkins who said it will be about “fighter pilots.”

While the slate does seem a bit bloated, this could be a good step for Star Wars fans. Sure, Andor and Lando were not necessarily on anyone’s radar, but I think there is more to be excited about from these announcements. Yes, it seems that Kathleen Kennedy is sticking to the hull like a barnacle, but I hope she will just be a figure head and we will get some cool content.

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