‘Operation Christmas Drop’ Review- Based On A Real Operation

Operation Christmas Drop‘ is a Netflix holiday film directed by Martin Wood and written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer. Fun fact, IMDb claims that it is the “first feature film from a large Hollywood studio to film in the US territory of Guam.”

Congressional aide Erica (Kat Graham) is next in line to be chief of staff for Congresswoman Bradford (Virginia Madsen), who sits on a House committee that oversees military spending. Bradford sends Erica to observe the “Operation Christmas Drop” at a military base on Guam, one that is targeted for spending cuts. Erica breaks the news to her family, whom she has been avoiding since her mother died and flies out. Base commander General Bratcher (Jeff Joseph) and his wife Lt. Colonel Blaine (Janet Kidder) assign Andrew (Alexander Ludwig), an Air Force captain, to keep her busy, but she catches on. As she explores the islands with Andrew, she comes to realize that the locals rely on Operation Christmas Drop for supplies, presents, and more. Knowing that it could jeopardize her career, she tells a fellow aide Sally (Aliza Vellani) that she can see why the event is special and that it helps bring in the winter season in that area of the Pacific Ocean.

This is one of those Christmas movies that is a bit cheesy and quaint, so take what I say from that perspective. I did think it was okay. The acting is fine. No one is terrible, no one is outstanding, but it was the right tone for this feature. Everyone did their job and made the film enjoyable.

As for the plot, it hits all of the points on the holiday romantic comedies checklist. It has a career woman who is lonely and avoiding home. Her female boss is pushy and a bit of a Scrooge. She meets an unconventional man and they annoy each other, but they lock eyes. She starts to question what she is doing. She meets another female boss who offers another path. So nothing unique, but again, it is not done terribly.

Now, it has two unique things going for it. The first is the setting. Instead of Christmas in a large cosmopolitan city like New York or Los Angeles, the movie takes us to the Pacific Islands. We get to see Guam and Christmas in a summer setting. That gave it a charm that is absent from a lot of those Christmas flicks.

The second thing is that it is based on a real humanitarian mission managed by the United States Air Force and the longest-running humanitarian airlift in the world. It is a cool thing that this Hollywood feature explored how our men and women in the Armed Services help communities that are isolated from the rest of the world. You can find out more at this link.

Bottom line, Operation Christmas Drop has a lot of cheese, but the flavor is decent. It is one of those movies you could turn on in the background for family dinners or enjoy it for a Christmas season date night.

PARENTAL CONCERN: Some rude humor, Mild violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: Now I understand why your boss sent you here. So you wouldn’t spoil the office Christmas party.

Check out the trailer below:

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