‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ Issue 6 Comic Book Review

The dynamic duo of Paul Dini and Alan Burnett along with artist Ty Templeton and colorist Monica Kubina bring us Batman: The Adventures Continue issue six, continuing the story of Jason Todd.

Batman continues to search the streets of Gotham City for the Red Hood, visiting his old friend Leslie Thompkins. Meanwhile, Alfred tells the tragic story of Jason Todd as Robin to Tim Drake. After separating from Batman, Todd goes on a rampage through Gotham City, culminating in him falling into a deadly trap set by the Joker and Harley Quinn. As Batman scours Gotham City for Robin, he races against time before it is too late.

The artwork and the story meld well together. The only thing I was not pleased with was Batman and Leslie having tension. The good doctor is usually a voice of reason, so I find it hard to believe she would let petty scabbles get between them. However, I did like the Joker’s involvement and how the tension builds as they put a new spin on this classic tale.

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  1. […] Jason Todd steals medicine from Dr. Thompson, informing her that he plans of getting revenge on the Joker and paying back Batman for being left behind. However, the Clown Prince of Crime seems to be one step ahead as he leads both Red Hood and the Dark Knight on a destructive chase through Gotham City. Meanwhile, Tim Drake, the current Robin, is being held captive at Red Hood’s hideout, planning on an escape before the Red Hood arrives. […]

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