‘Symbiote Spider-Man’ Graphic Novel Review

Comic book writer Peter David brings us Symbiote Spider-Man, a 2019 Marvel graphic novel that explores Spider-Man’s days wearing the symbiote suit that would soon become his darkest enemy.

Taking place after the original ‘Secret Wars,’ Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy are beginning their relationship and trying to navigate how complex their love is, with Black Cat being in love with Spider-Man, not Peter. Meanwhile, Mysterio is loose in New York City and plans a heist that will help him retire. Unfortunately, a civilian is killed during the robbery and he is riddled with guilt. He is tracked down by Spider-Man, who is powered by his symbiote suit. He manages to escape but creates a desire to study the black suit and plans to with the help of a friend who works for Kingpin.

I really liked the art by Greg Land and Jay Leisten. Spider-Man, even with the black suit, emotes really well and delivers while battling Mysterio, who is somewhat represented as a second-tier villain. Also, Black Cat, she was drawn exceptionally well. Apart from that, the connections to that era of Spidey was done in a way any fan can enjoy.

As for the story, it harkens back very well to the era of Spider-Man. During this time, he was still considered too much of a wild card for the Avengers, Mary Jane is nowhere to be found, and he’s estranged from Aunt May. David does a good job of connecting to all of these facets while writing his own story that fits right in nicely.

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